I find it difficult to take a spoken compliment to heart and even though it may seem I accept them through various elements of media, I too don’t manage to taste the sweetness of those words; writing is my only exception. Writing is something I take pride in and the many metaphors it offers makes the world seem more alive and my emotions more than just a few messages in my brain. But sometimes, I come across a piece of writing and I find myself critiquing its use of grammar and perhaps punctuation but often that’s not the point. That text will make me feel something through its use of the simple metaphor but sometimes just the way the writer puts their words together, to form a simple story, even when just describing a corner of a room. It makes me realise that the writer must not only release knowledge into their writings but also their life drenched soul. It’s like in art where an artist can have the necessary skill to paint a horizon sunset on an autumn’s day but fails to make the image come alive and connect with a certain part of the audience. With experience an artist can hope to uncover more, manage to paint their experiences of loss and struggle into a canvas. A writer would hope for the same too; to find the right metaphors and to get the right flow but also to capture what it means to be alive.

SITC was absolutely amazing! I met many YouTubers and the ones I didnt get to meet, I got to see at various panels!

My highlight was meeting Tyler Oakley! My friends got him to say Happy Birthday to me and it was literally the best moment! He is so adorable and also an amazing hugger!

P.s. Tyler, I love your hair!

Thank you Alex and Catherine for making SITC the best it could be!

Jeremy signing autographs for fans outside Radio 1, London.

Posted 1 year ago

Hayley Williams outside Radio 1, London.